How To Get Immediate Eruv Notifications on Your iPhone

The Highland Park Eruv committee is using Twitter's news broadcasting abilities to update everyone on the status of the eruv. Even if you never use Twitter and never planned on using Twitter, youshould consider getting a Twitter account just for the ability to be instantly notified of the eruv status before Shabbat.  The great thing is that you can setup your phone to get eruv updates without having to open the Twitter app on your phone.  You get immediate notifications whether the eruv is up or down without having to do anything. 

Twitter is a texting service much like the way you can text people now from your phone. However, instead of texting an individual person, you text people who have "followed" you - i.e., they have subscribed to your tweets (as these messages are known).  You can follow as many people or as few people as you want. You can set up your account just to follow hp_eruv – our account. Twitter will "suggest" people to follow when you sign up, ignore that. Twitter will offer to go through your address book and follow people there. Say no thanks.

  • If you haven't already, download the Twitter app on your phone and setup an account and sign up for an account.
  • From your main screen, click on the search icon on the bottom of the screen.  search for "hperuv", our account. The "search" icon is on the bottom of the screen
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