Setting up Text Messages Alerts

You can get text message alerts via Twitter. This allows you to get notifications of the Eruv's status on older non-smart phones or on Android and iPhones without having to use the Twitter app. Note that you do need a Twitter account, but once setup, you never have to use that account.

  • Go to your computer and sign up for Twitter if you don't already have a Twitter account. If you need more detailed directions on setting up. Don't follow hp_eruv from the webpage, and have your cellphone handy.
  • From your Twitter Home page, click on the icon on the upper right side of the page to the left of the Tweet button.
  • A dropdown menu will show. Select Settings and privacy from that menu. See Figure 1: Getting Access to your settings below.
Figure 1: Getting access to your settings.

Figure 1: Getting access to your settings.


  • You will now see a menu on the left side of the webpage. Select Mobile.
  • Put in your mobile phone number into the Phone Number field and press Continue.
  • Twitter will send you a text message to your mobile phone. This will be from 40404 and contain a six digit confirmation code. Get the code and type it into verification code field on that page and press activate phone. 
  • Now select Tweets from people you've enabled for mobile notifications and press Save Changes.
  • From your phone, send the message follow hp_eruv to 40404. This is the Twitter number for text messaging.

You will now receive a text alert whenever we send out an update to the @hp_eruv Twitter account.

Warning: Although Twitter doesn't charge for text notifications, your carrier might. This depends upon the phone plan you have. None of the current standard plans from the four major cellphone carriers charge for text messages, but older grandfather plans from them may, and some pre-pay plans from smaller carriers may. 
Please go over your cell phone plan, so you may understand any charges that you will occur.