How Can I Follow the Eruvs' Status

We have multiple ways of letting you get updates of the status of both eruvs. These include (you can click on the following items to go directly to the directions):


Follow us on Twitter at @hp_eruv.

We will post the eruv status for both the New Brunswick and the Highland Park/Edison eruv as soon as we finish checking them.

If you follow us on Twitter, you can setup your smart phone to notify you when there's an update and what that update says. Get instantaneous notifications whether the eruv is up or down without going into any apps on your phone.

Just follow these detailed instructions to setup Twitter notifications.

Text Messages (SMS)

You can get text message alerts via Twitter. This allows you to get notifications of the Eruv's status on older non-smart phones or on Android and iPhones without having to use the Twitter app. Note that you do need a Twitter account, but once setup, you never have to use that account.

  • Sign up for Twitter. You can do this from the Twitter webpage. Do not follow @hp_eruv on Twitter.

  • Go into the settings and associate your Twitter account with your cell phone number. You will have to have your phone handy

  • Go to your phone and send the text message follow hp_eruv to the phone number 40404 (Yes, it's only a five digit phone number)

Now, when we update the status of the eruv on the @hp_eruv Twitter account, you will get a notification directly on your phone. We have more detailed directions on this website.


Follow us on Facebook at @hperuv. We automatically post our Twitter feed to this Facebook group. 

If you follow us on Facebook, you can setup your smart phone to instantly notify you when there's an update. However, unlike Twitter, you won't see the contents of that update. You will have to go into Facebook to see whether the eruv is up or down.

The News Page

Go to the HP Eruv news page, and we display the last ten items on our Twitter feed. Please take careful note of the dates of each tweet. We also display the latest tweets on the top of our home page.


You can call 732-247-ERUV for a recording of the latest status of the Eruv.

Email List

We now have an official email list. Get email notifications about the eruv's status by signing up below. If you want to unsubscribe from this list, simply click on the unsubscribe link in the email you've received.