Zooming In and Out of the Map

  • On mobile devices such as iPhones, Android Phones, and Tablets like the iPad, you can pinch to zoom to zoom in and out of the map.
  • On Macintosh computers with trackpads, you can scroll down on the map with two fingers to zoom in or scroll up with two fingers to zoom out.
  • On computers with a mouse, you can right-click on the context menu button, and scroll down to zoom in or scroll up to zoom out. 

Or you can use the arrows in the lower left side of the map to zoom in and out:

Full Page Map

To view a full page map, click on Map in the menu above. This will open up a full page view of the entire map in a new page. This is especially convenient for small screens like phones or tablets. 

To return to the webpage, close the full page map. 

The Map Legend

The map legend appears on the left side of the page. You can hide the map legend which will give you a larger view of the map, or show the map legend to see what items are on the map.

If you are viewing the map inside the webpage, you will see a blue/green header on top of the map. The icon (circled below) will toggle the map legend on and off.

Map legend menu

If you are viewing the larger image of the map, the map legend should appear on the left side by default, clicking on the Three stacked dots on the right side of the red map legend header will reveal a menu (circled below).

Map Legend Menu

Select Collapse Map Legend to hide the legendThis will hide the legend. To reveal the map legend once more, click on the Map Legend link on the upper left side of the page.

On mobile devices, you can pull up the map legend by tapping on the bottom of the screen where it says Highland Park - New Brunswick Eruv. To close the legend, so you can see the map, click on the arrow pointing to the left on the header.

Turning Points of Interest Groups On and Off

You can show or hide different groups of points of interest on the map. For example, you can show or hide a list of nearby restaurants approved by the Vaad of Raritan Valley. This can help you see where certain places are, or keep the map generally uncluttered with information you don't need.

The different Points of Interest Groups are:

  • Highland Park/Edison Eruv Boundary: The boundary around Highland Park and Edison on the North/Eastern side of the Raritan River
  • Highland Park Eruv Notes: These describe the eruv boundary in particular locations around the Highland Park/Edison Eruv and any gotchas you need to watch for.
  • New Brunswick Eruv Boundary: The boundary around New Brunswick on the Southern/Western side of the Raritan River.
  • New Brunswick Eruv Notes: These describe the eruv boundary in particular locations around the New Brunswick Eruv and any gotchas you need to watch for.
  • Synagogues and Congregations: These are the various synagogues, temples, and congregations in and around the eruv. We include all the various types of congregations in this list and not just the Orthodox congregations. We link to the congregation's webpage (if they have one) and have a phone number where you can call for more information. A short description appears after the synagogue's name if they have one.
  • Jewish Schools: These are the various Jewish schools that are in or around the eruv. Each has a link to the school's webpage (if one exists) and a phone number.
  • Hospitals, Hotels, and Other Services: These are the various hospitals and hotels inside the eruv. Please contact the place before visiting on Shabbat to make sure you may not have to write or use an elevator or electric door.
  • Restaurants and Eateries: These are the various places in and around the eruv boundaries that are under the Vaad of Raritan Valley's supervision.

The image below shows you how to turn on and off various groups.