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NOTE: This eruv description is very generic. Streets the eruv go down usually follow the utility poles and only one side of the street on the other is inside the eruv.

Highland Park and Edison Eruv

Starting at River Road and Raritan Avenue

The eruv goes down River Road until the Railroad Tracks on the side of the road away from the river. It follows the railroad tracks until the Edison Train Station. From there it follows the perimeter of the station's parking lot -- leaving the entire parking lot outside of the eruv. The Eruv goes down Reed Street (the street that's the main entrance of the parking lot), crosses over Central and up to Plainfield Avenue.

The eruv goes down Plainfield Avenue towards Route 27. The eruv makes a one block diversion around the corner of Plainfield Avenue and Route 27 by going down Greenwood Avenue, down Division Street, across to Loring Avenue, and back up Ovington Avenue to Plainfield Avenue. The eruv continues down Plainfield Avenue. to Jefferson Blvd. The eruv continues down Jefferson Blvd to Oakland Avenue towards Route 1 until Fayette Street.

The eruv goes down Fayette towards Crosby Avenue and down Crosby Avenue towards Woodbridge Avenue. From Woodbridge, the eruv heads back towards Highland Park to Fox Road, down Fox Road until the entrance to the Valley Manor Apartments. From the entrance of the Valley Manor Apartments, the eruv cuts through the woods behind the Donaldson Apartments and across to the intersection of Donaldson and Crowells Road.

The eruv continues Donaldson Avenue, through the Meadows path between 7th Avenue and 5th Avenue, and around Donaldson Park by the Raritan River. It cuts behind the houses on Valentine between South First Avenue and South Adelaide Avenue and follows the shore line of the Raritan River back to Raritan Avenue.

New Brunswick Eruv

Starting at the Raritan Avenue Bridge

The New Brunswick Eruv meets the Highland Park Eruv at the corner of Raritan and River Road and goes down the Raritan Avenue Bridge. It cuts towards Route 1 after it crosses the river by the shore line (but does not include the Raritan Canal towpath). From there, the eruv cuts around the New Street interchange on Route 18 and goes down Tabernacle Way which turns into Remsen Avenue on the other side of George Street.

The eruv continues down Remsen Avenue and down Baldwin Street towards the Northeast Corridor railroad tracks. It continues down Baldwin Street to the end and up Railroad Avenue until Suydam Street, crosses under the railroad tracks, and continues down Suydam, crosses French Street, and down Louis Street.

The eruv continues down Louis Street until it hits the five-way intersection of Louis Street, Courtland Street, and Duke Street and continues down Duke Street to the entrance of the St Peter's University Hospital parking lot entrance on Duke Street.

The eruv follows the fence line around the parking lot to Mile Run Creek behind the hospital parking lot. The eruv then follows Mile Run Creek to Easton Avenue and up Landing Lane cutting by the Francis Parker Memorial Home. The eruv goes up Landing Lane towards the Raritan River, and then cuts down George Street, then around the fence at the Delaware Canal Water Works and down the shore of the Raritan River back to the Raritan Avenue Bridge.

The eruv goes back down the Raritan Avenue Bridge, down around the Devonshire Arms apartments, and across River Road where it intersects once again with the Highland Park eruv.